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T50 is a light and strong profile which is very popular in both residential and commercial applications.

The deep rib can perform down to a 3-degree pitch


Width: 810mm      Cover: 760mm

Min pitch :3 degree


Profile dimensions are nominal and may vary with changes depending on material

1196 Original.png

0.55 gauge Ironsand or Grey Friars Trustycolor® T50

Width: around 810mm

Pitch requires: 3-degree pitch

Cover width: around 760mm after overlap.

Colour: Grey friars or Ironsand (One of the most popular colours in New Zealand)

We supply them in the lengths you require so do not need to cut them anymore. And you also only pay for the lengths you require. No cutting cost. The order can sometimes be done while you wait if we are not busy. Otherwise will be ready within 48 working hours after the payment is cleared.

Our Trustycolor® T50 sheets have been fully BRANZ Appraised which meets all the New Zealand building codes.

Therefore they can be used in jobs like Brand New Build, Reroof, Residential House roofs, and Commercial roofs. For the Brand New Build please ask our friendly staff for the Technical Literature about the design and a competitive quote.

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