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General Terms and Conditions 


Will not Perforate as a result of Corrosion

Trusty steel prepainted steel ------------------- up to 15 years warranty(roofing.) 

  •     No obvious marine or industrial influences.

  •     Typically more than 200m from exposed coasts, or more than 200m from industrial emissions.



The material will be supplied with brand new sheets in the same grade (parts only, no labour cost will be covered.)

if any Trusty steel prepainted steel fails to perform as warranted. Our liability under this warranty shall be limited to supplying the replacement steel sheets at the same grade only.

Any replacement steel sheets are only covered by this warranty for the unexpired portion of the warranty of the original products. Trusty steel ltd will not under any circumstances be liable for consequential loss or damage.

All claims must be made promptly in writing and accompanied by the original warranty document with the GST invoice.


This warranty does not in any way affect the rights of a consumer under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

• The warranty will not apply to weathering, chalking or fading over time as a result of normal wear and tear. 

• If inappropriate fastenings are used this warranty will not apply

• All downgrade products and products in special will not be covered by this warranty.

• Defects caused by faulty design, or methods of manufacture of Residential Buildings are not covered by the warranty. 

• Trusty Steel must be given the opportunity for inspection on-site prior to any remedial action being offered or taken. 

• If the Trusty steel prepainted steel products have not been selected, processed, and maintained in accordance with the published recommendations of Trusty steel, and the accepted correct trade practices, the warranty will not apply.

• Damage or corrosion resulting from the following are not covered by this warranty:

1. Damage sustained during handling, storage, processing, roll forming or installation.

2. Damage sustained after installation.

3. Causes after the product has left our control.

4. Failure to remove debris leading to the accumulation of moisture-retaining matter in gutters and downpipes.  

Unless Trusty Steel has agreed in writing to extend the warranty for a particular installation, the warranty does not cover the failure of the material or the coating caused by any of these events:

• Use under any circumstances in the Very Severe Environmental zones.

• chemical pollutants in the atmosphere or rainwater.

• Underside corrosion as a result of high humidity, condensation, or pollution generated within a building.

• The product has been stored before installation for more than 6 months after the date of manufacture.

• Installation which does not comply with current agreed trade practices.

• Physical damage during or after installation, including scratching, contact with other metal items, incorrect installation of external loads such as airconditioning units, and failure to remove the swarf.

• Contact with water run-off from incompatible catchment material, including copper, lead, and masonry.

• Water entrapment or ponding for any reason.

• Causes beyond the control of Trusty Steel, including storms, earthquakes, and actions by other persons.

• Mechanical, chemical, or other damage caused after the product has left the control of Trusty Steel.

• Failure to maintain the product in line with Trusty Steel’s maintenance recommendations.


Trusty Steel Longrun Steel Roofing must be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, NZBC Acceptable Solutions E2/AS1 or E2/AS4, and the Metal Roofing Manufacturers (MRM) NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice.

Little maintenance should be required apart from the removal of lichen, moss and organic growth that may become established. A water-based chemical treatment recommended by Trusty Steel Ltd as being suitable for use with the Trusty Steel Longrun Steel Roofing must be used for the removal of organic material. Petroleum-based solvents or cleaners must not be used.

Annual inspections must be made to ensure that all aspects of the roof cladding, including the pre-finished coating,  the flashings and any joints remain in a weatherproof condition. Any damaged areas or areas showing signs of deterioration which would allow water ingress must be repaired immediately.

All roofing and cladding products are subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust, and other deposits. Normal rain-washing will remove accumulated atmospheric contaminants from roofs. Gutters must be regularly inspected to remove debris, which may cause ponding. 

  • ROOF: Rain washing plus manual washing every 6 months

  • Wall cladding: Rain washing plus manual washing every 6 months.

  • Unwashed and high-risk areas:  manual washing every 3 months.



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